Vice Chancellor

Dr. Rajani Gupte

I am glad to announce the instituting of the Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences. Although sports sciences and physical education have always been important at the Symbiosis International University, the setting up of the Institute will go a long way in reinforcing our belief that sports and physical training are integral parts of education.

The Institute will be a nodal point for many academic programs and other projects related to sports sciences and allied areas at the University. At present, the Institute offers an MBA program in Sports Management, a comprehensive degree program, which aligns many fields of study within business administration with the speciality branch of sports sciences. In addition, there will be courses related to Event Management in Sports, Sports Technology, and Human Resource Management in Sports.

The Institute, located on the Lavale campus, will benefit from all the cutting-edge resources that belong to the University: a high-caliber talent pool of faculty members, a wide range of progressive academic offerings, world-class infrastructure, and all the other features that make the University a top-ranking institution. You will also find that the spirit of internationalization is embedded at every level and across all dimensions within the organization.

The Institute stands for the University's commitment to education that adds meaningful personal and professional capabilities to the student's portfolio. Symbiosis prepares students to succeed as members of the global workforce, as entrepreneurs, and, most important of all, as global citizens.

I invite you to learn more about the Institute and the University, and wish you all the best.

Caution Notice