Students Committees

Symbiosis SSSS - Students Committees

Cultural Committee

Responsible for keeping the campus lively and buzzing with activities, the Cultural Committee organizes a multitude of cultural activities round the year. Be it a celebration of festivals, frequent open-air jamming sessions, stoking the music gene in students and student groups by providing a platform for performing - the committee makes sure that every event is purposeful and creates a lasting memory. Needless to say, it takes a lot of effort and planning to organize events on this scale that in turn needs a strong, dedicated and multi skilled team. A bird’s eye view on the committee events for the annual calendar:

  1. 1. Fresher’s
  2. 2. Aarambh
  3. 3. Screenings
  4. 4. Debates
  5. 5. Quiz competition
  6. 6. Foundation Day
  7. 7. Valedictory ceremony
  8. 8. Festivals

Placement Committee

The Students' Placements Committee is a task force consisting of students that act as a liaison between the institute and the corporate world. Responsible for organizing various campus engagement activities like workshops, leadership talks, placement talks, soft skills, personality development, it ensures hand-holding students and complete the last mile; making these new managers ready for the corporate world. It shoulders the key responsibility of handling ‘Final Placements’ and ‘Summer Placements’ for over 150 students across two batches, every year. It is also responsible for framing the placements guidelines and facilitating the best fit between students and job opportunities. To sum up, this committee helps shape the future, give wings to dreams and groom the students – to make their mark and presence, felt – in the corporate world!

Research Committee

The Research Committee was introduced in the academic year 2016-2017. Established to motivate and encourage students to form a mining and research mindset, it consists of highly qualified and motivated professionals. This elite group consists of accomplished men and women who have meritoriously achieved their competency and capability sets in the research and development area in varied sport arms. The role of the Research Committee is to advise and assist the Institute in the mainstreaming of research in the academic study and learning. It is also responsible for publishing research papers every year in the acclaimed ‘SCOPUS’ indexed journals.

Corporate Relations Committee

The Corporate Relations Committee is the formal liaison between the Institute and the corporate world for all non-placement related activities. The objective of the committee is to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and opinions - between industry experts and the students - through intensive sessions and workshops. It is designed to act as a facilitator in building, maintaining and enhancing the corporate presence of the institute and to encourage students to get acquainted with the industry’s best practices, through diverse lecture series.

Social Media Committee

The Social Media committee prides itself in communicating through the art of conversation and by optimizing the tools at its disposal – to unify the alumni and the students at the institute. With an objective of emphasizing the objective of the course through the academic schedule , other value added activities, national and international sports events, workshops - it perseveres to build a view so as to help students look at the larger picture as also of the corporate world. To understand and connect to it in terms understanding of the industry for the roles and opportunities that it stands to present. The team endeavors to create a platform for exchange of sport dialogue and ideas between young sports management enthusiasts – bubbling with ideas and energy - and sports management professionals backed by industry experience.

Sports Committee

Sports Committee is ‘the place’ where the students learn and understand the process of organizing a sporting event. This includes learning to form the event view, visualizing the event, understanding roles and responsibilities and most importantly owning the event and ensuring successful completion and closure. Another major responsibility is ensuring that the event documentation is done religiously, completely and correctly. Documentation though a seeming selfless job is an extremely important one and leads students to discipline and the value of reference repository. The committee members are expected to think on their feet and also need to take correct decisions – an induced practice to make them ready for marquee sport events. The Sports committee not only organizes various sports events but also perseveres to build the interest of the participants in the field of sports.

Admission Committee

The Admissions Committee is the first point of contact for sports management aspirants who want to join the Institute. The objective of the committee is to receive and respond to the queries and information points pertaining to the procedure of admissions, both online and offline. The committee also endeavors to ensure that the aspirants have a seamless experience, by guiding them through the entire admission process.