As the sports industry grows increasingly larger and more complex, it requires the skills and acumen of a growing number of experts trained in all aspects of sports management, including human, life and engineering sciences. SSSS is not only a pioneer in imparting quality education but also provides the practical on and off field experience and that is what makes SSSS different.

Students are trained to master the skills required by them for excelling in all verticals of Strategic Sports Event Management, Sports Analytics, Sports Marketing, Sports Governance, Managing Sports Facility, Sports Sciences, Legal Aspects in Sports, Media Management, Project Management, Human Resource Management, Sports Economics and many more.

Especially, students are exposed to wider options in different sectors of this dynamic industry with the help of projects & summer internships. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to equipping our budding managers with the technical skills and knowledge that will enable them to survive in the highly competitive market.

Caution Notice