Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Arjun Sivakumar

Student Testimonials

Arjun Sivakumar (Batch: 2017-19)

Current Company - Sportz Interactive,
Designation - Senior Associate - Strategy

It was a wonderful 2 years at SSSS where the University and faculty assisted me to come out of my comfort zone and made me realize my passion for sport and the Indian sports industry. I have made lifelong friends and colleagues at SSSS and hopefully, all of us together will help change the face of the Indian sports industry in the coming years.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Viswajeet Sankhari

Viswajeet Sankhari (Batch-2018-2020)

Current Company - Inspiria Knowledge Campus
Designation- Faculty Associate

SSSS is the premium sports management institute in India that gives you a holistic learning about the industry. The combination of subjects and the course curriculum is being very well taught by industry experts. The case studies and experiential learning sessions are a major boost for students to learn beyond curriculum and go out better prepared than anyone else in the industry. SSSS have made me capable enough to pass on the learnings to upcoming future sports management professionals.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Siddhesh Pawar

Siddhesh Pawar (Batch-2017-19)

Current Company - Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation
Designation - Project Manager

SSSS has been a experience of my life! Apart from the college part, on field experiences and opportunities given by the college stands at par! Right from Khelo India Games, National Games etc. SSSS has been a great guidance and institute for me.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Jayvrat Kapoor

Jayvrat Kapoor (Batch-2018-20)

Current Company - Sporko Sports Academy
Designation- Business development head & Senior Operations manager

Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences has provided me with a right platform for not only understanding what sports industry in india and internationally looks like but also has given me a hands on experience with various live projects and work opportunities. It has helped me with understanding the course work and its implementation in the real sense by conducting various extra circular activities like the National Sports Conference, Company Stimulation Program and the inter-institute games.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Rishabh Dua

Rishabh Dua (Batch: 2016-18)

Current Company - Oyo Rooms and Hotels
Designation - Project Manager

"I was in the first batch of SSSS, which apparently was the first ever batch in India for MBA in Sports Management. Being very risky for all, it worked out wonders for me being here. The faculty, the campus, the course, the sports facilities, everything is top notch. Best two years of my life were spent here!";

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Niveditha Karthikeyan

Niveditha Karthikeyan (Batch-2016-18)

Current Company - SportsMechanics
Designation- Game Data Analyst

Choosing a niche program which was relatively new in the sub- continent at that point was a bet in itself. To add to it, I was a part of the first batch of the programme. Our batch was special because we almost had no expectations except for the raw zeal to make our dreams come true- to work in the sports industry! Looking back now, it seems like one of the best decisions that I took in my life. The ever receptive management & faculty paved way for a great learning experience. The campus does need a special mention because it is so beautiful! I landed in SSSS wide-eyed and with fanciful dreams. SSSS empowered ( or endowed)me with the ability & knowledge to seek & achieve my dreams.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Ankit Nimbkar

Ankit Nimbkar (Batch: 2017-19)

Current Company - Square Off Sports Pvt. Ltd.
Designation - Program Manager

"Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences has become the pinnacle of sports education in India. It made me familiar with the working understanding of Sports Ecosystem in India and abroad. It has contributed to my sports knowledge and polished my managerial skills. I am thankful towards experienced faculties, opportunities and Institute at large. Happy to be an alumni of this esteemed Institution"

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Saachi Sancheti

Saachi Sancheti (Batch-2018-20)

Current Company - Fanatic Sports,
Designation- Executive-Operations

Beautiful campus, industry experiences with internships/volunteering and interactions with industrial experts. A journey that teaches you what you want or rather don't want to do with your career. A family where a bunch of similar thinking people sit and talk sports.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Harsh Gurnani

Harsh Gurnani (Batch: 2018-20)

Current Company - Millennial Sports
Designation - Business Development Consultant and Content Creator

Located atop the lush green hills of Lavale, SSSS is ideal institute to pursue your Sports Management Masters offering a perfect blend of the right curriculum and experience opportunities. With industry experts as faculties, this program will definitely put your Sports Management career into action.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Nikhil Jacob

Nikhil Jacob (Batch-2016-18)

Current Company - RAWPAC Sports,
Designation- Co-Founder and CEO

Joining SSSS was one of the best decisions I ever made. The faculty, friends and experiences during the two years spent, moulded me into becoming a more confident, independent and risk taking individual. I am grateful for the institute helping me with my internship with the FIFA Organizing Team for the FIFA Under 17 World Cup at New Delhi and Goa which was a life changing experience. I look forward to continue being associated with my Alma Mater in any way I can in the years to come.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh (Batch: 2018-20)

Current Company - PeCfy Technologies
Designation - Sales and Marketing Manager

SSSS has really helped me to turn my passion into profession. When you study with 60+ students who are absolutely crazy about sports, the kind of ideas you discuss and the knowledge you share, it cannot be gained through any book in the world. And being Placements Head, I had more fun taking responsibility and learning a lot during the process

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Sunayna Devaiah

Sunayna Devaiah(Batch-2018-20)

"I chose to study at Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences because it is well known for its success within the sporting industry and I fell in love with the atmosphere of the campus from day one. I felt at home from the time I arrived, and I felt that I would be offered life changing experiences. Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences has changed and continues to change me as an individual. The opportunities that have been given to me are beyond what I could have expected, this includes the various internships that I undertook, which intern boosted my confidence and solidified my resolve to pursue sports as a career path. My overall favorite activity by SSSS is the auctions held in the first semester year. The combination of thrills and chills were what became an ice breaker between the batches and even professors. The memories and friends I have made in this institute will stay with me forever. I feel privileged to have been a part of an environment with such passionate sportsmen on and off the field."

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Hitesh Mangtani

Hitesh Mangtani(Batch: 2017-19)

Current Company - Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI)
Designation - Sports Development Officer

Symbiosis is very well known with a reputation not only for its business & management courses but also for grooming role models of tomorrow ready for the Industrial challenges. It has been my alma mater since my graduation days at SICSR. Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences (SSSS) is one of the best Sports Management institutions in India for individuals who follow sports activities or for those who are in love with multiple dimensions of sports and are passionate to be leaders, managers & influencers of one of the fastest growing industries globally. Specializing in Talent/Athlete Development & Management was a privilege, as we had a chance to interact, discuss & work with Industry experts (both National & International) allowing us to enhance our knowledge & have a perspective about what is it that we need for Sports Ecosystem to flourish in a country like India where we can play a critical role to ensure "talent meets opportunity" - the motto of Indian Premier League (IPL) in Sanskrit which is “Yatra Pratibha Avsara Prapnotihi”, meaning "जहां प्रतिभा अवसर प्राप्त करती है ।”.

Symbiosis SSSS - Testimonial - Dinesh Naidu

Dinesh Naidu(Batch-2017-19)

Current Company-Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh

It’s an absolute privilege to study in a scenic campus which has the best weather, amazing facilities and friendly faculties. SSSS have connections to most of the top notch companies across the country.
The memories captured in those 2 years have given enough confidence in facing challenges in real world.