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MBA (Sports Management)

The MBA (Sports Management) is a unique combination of business skills and sports. It will invariably seek to engender a well-rounded set of business skills laced with the kind of specialist knowledge that will prepare one for sports management jobs. Hard skills will encompass Financial, Analytics, Technology, Marketing and Operation skills while the soft skills will develop students interpersonal, innovation and leadership capabilities. The MBA (Sports Management) will not only focus on theories and ideas but will concentrate on the actual applications.


Event Management in Sports

Event Management in Sports

Human Resource Management in Sports

Talent Acquisition and Management in Sports

Sports Technology

Technology in

Sports Technology

Sports Marketing

  • Event Management in Sports

    The course provides students with an insight into the strategic management of sports events. Comprehensive coverage, from start to finish, of the event planning process for sports events of all scales, from smaller events to mega-events will be provided. Hands on training will be offered and would train the students in implementing strategies for success in sports events over the short and long-term. Case study approach for real-world insight will also be used.

  • Talent Acquisition and Management in Sports

    The course emphasizes the fields of human resource management and the sport industry. Greater emphasis is placed on managerial competencies, the strategic importance of human resource management, internal marketing, volunteerism and the implications of organizational justice.

  • Technology in Sports

    Students opting for Sports Technology would look at developments in the world of sport, and explore the way in which technology has enhanced both the players and the supporters experience. The course discusses electronic decision-making, advances in technology that have improved equipment, sportswear, athletes training and performance. Eminent faculty will be teaching this subject using various pedagogical methods

  • Sports Marketing

    Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences is now offering a program in sports marketing. The course is an amalgamation of the genius of marketing & spirit of sports! It is a tactical approach that derives its promotional techniques from fields such as advertising, public relations, and marketing. A career in sports marketing is a journey filled with exciting opportunities & quick advancements. So if you are passionate about sports & wish to lead a successful career in the area of your ambition, then register today.

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