Entrepreneurship Cell

About E-cell

“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow”

The word ‘Entrepreneur’ has been omnipresent in our society for over 200 years. The original root of the word translates into “adventurer” or “undertaker”. Although the meaning and definition surrounding the word have largely remained the same, the opportunities and possibilities have definitely exploded far beyond our progenitors’ realm of thought.

Over the years, entrepreneurs of our times have been characterized as innovators, trailblazers or avant-garde, individuals who grab hold of the opportunities they believe in, personalities whose motivation lay not in the monetary aspect of the idea but the passion and zeal associated with the said idea’s game-changing nature. And naturally, any novel idea is accompanied with risks, but an entrepreneur accepts all those risks and takes the leap, come hell or high water.

The foundations of INIZIO (the Entrepreneurship cell at SSSS) are rooted on similar values. The club embodies the ideals of great entrepreneurs of the past and strives to transmit those ideals into students. Whether the idea is as grand as tackling the multifarious problems of the modern world or as straightforward as building innovative solutions for daily routine, the club respects and supports the passion, devotion and eagerness of its members and guides them through the multiple stages of transition.

The fundamental aim of our club is to nurture the fledgling dreams and ideas of our students, and in order to make that happen we ensure that they are bestowed with state-of-the-art effective tools that would help them navigate the challenging world of limitless opportunities in business as they rise to the top as budding entrepreneurs.

INIZIO at SSSS is a hub for inspiring the core values of entrepreneurship in students who stand at odds with the others in terms of their willingness to take their ideas to the next level. We inculcate in our students the confidence that in turn enables them to evolve their projects into something substantial. Our team of experts involves faculty, students and alums of our institute from various strata, who are committed to the goal of instilling and evolving the spirit of entrepreneurship amid our members. These experts impart precise guidance to our spirited entrepreneurs through the unstable primary phases of their start-up idea. From financial projections to fund raising plan, we ensure proper hand holding for our students and prepare them for the upcoming challenges as they get ready to make a substantive impact in business.