Entrepreneurship Cell

Upcoming Events:


As a whole, the sports sector is a relatively new market in which there are numerous opportunities that can be taken advantage of by future entrepreneurs. INIZIO is looking forward to conducting workshops where young aspiring entrepreneurs can network and learn more about the entrepreneurial community. Workshops have a significant impact on the task by instilling a sense of entrepreneurship in the minds of students. A wide range of subjects will be covered in these workshops, including defining vision, developing networks, strengthening communication skills, and formulating a strategy. Our goal is to gain a more comprehensive grasp of new kinds of innovation while also identifying and analysing the most significant problems faced by entrepreneurs in the business of sports.

Panel Discussions

There are many successful entrepreneurs in the sports industry, and their stories serve as inspiration for newcomers. The primary goal of a panel discussion is for the panellists to share their knowledge and views with the audience in order to generate actual value and takeaways for those in attendance. INIZIO will partner with the guru's of the sports sector and invite them to share their story, their hardships and their struggles. We will give our aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with them. In this way, INIZIO will help our budding entrepreneurs succeed in the sporting industry.

B-Plan Competition

The B-Plan Competition is intended to provide collegiate entrepreneurs with real-world experience in fine-tuning their business plans and elevator presentations in order to successfully launch their venture. A Business plan competition encourages one to consider practically every element of the concept rigorously. The startup competition will be held for Symbiosis International University students, who will be able to present their ideas for start- ups in the sports business. INIZIO will assess their analytical and problem-solving abilities, as well as their organisational skills and ability to generate viable company ideas. The primary goal of this B-Plan Competition is to broaden the horizons of future entrepreneurs in the sports industry.