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Symbiosis SSSS - Program Structure

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Programme Structure

The program will help develop your knowledge and gain scientific understanding of subjects like Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning and Sports Coaching.

The four-year programme offers multiple entry/exit options and has been designed in line with UGC Guidelines as per the NEP 2020. The School provides flexible degree options with Single Major, Minor, Multi/Interdisciplinary choices, and curriculum built with employability skills in addition to academic subjects.

Highlights of the program:

  • 1. Opportunity to complete a semester abroad.

  • 2. Benchmarking against Global sports education programs.

  • 3. Specially designed courses to develop vocational, employability and entrepreneurial skills

  • 4. In-built flexibility in the program through Minors (Strength and Conditioning/ Sports Coaching) which helps a student to gain a broader understanding beyond the major discipline.

  • 5. Novel program with emphasis on Sports technology.

  • 6. Emphasis on experiential learning through applied practice in sport and exercise domain.

  • 7. Major (Sport and Exercise Science) will be the discipline of main focus and the degree will be awarded in this discipline.

  • 8. Emphasis on interdisciplinary sports science courses like Talent Identification & Development, Injury and recovery in Sport, Sports Technology, Exercise Testing & Prescription, Research and Statistics.

Exit Options and Awarding UG Certificate, UG Diploma, and Degrees:

  • 1. UG Certificate: Students who opt to exit after completion of the first year and have secured 40 credits will be awarded a UG certificate.

  • 2. 3-year UG Degree: Students who wish to undergo a 3-year UG programme will be awarded UG Degree in the Major (Sport and Exercise Science)

  • 3. 4-year UG Degree (Honours with Research): Students who secure 75% marks and above in the first six semesters and wish to undertake research at the undergraduate level

  • 4. UG Diploma: Students who opt to exit after completion of the second year and have secured 80 credits will be awarded the UG diploma

  • 5. 4-year UG Degree (Honours): A four-year UG Honours degree in the major discipline will be awarded to those who complete a four-year degree programme.